Hoppy Easter!

I went home for Easter and in a break from ladybird stitching managed to crochet this little Easter bunny. It kind of looks a bit more like a cat than a rabbit, but then I should have done the ears longer! I’m pretty pleased with his food-tie whiskers though. I was intending to stitch him on a lamp-post opposite my house but every time I went to attach it someone else turned up to do some gardening or clean the windows. Ended up attaching him to a post at the top of the road so he can watch over all the runners, dog walkers and newcomers to the close! Hopefully he won’t hop off too soon!


We decided to try something a bit different this morning and ended up wrapping this variegated crochet piece around the bench of a bus stop near St. Michael’s hospital in an attempt to brighten it up a bit. Luckily no-one came along to use the bus stop whilst we were attaching it and being able to sit down whilst fiixng it on made us a lot less conspicuous than the usual hunched over on the floor position! This was an unusual yarn bombing session in a way as previously the tags have been made-to-measure. Today though we went out with a few pieces and found things to suit them instead. Turned out to be a great fit! We also put up another monster foot; a) because I absolutely love them, and b) in response to a certain letter in the Bristol Evening Post last Friday (will post a copy of the letter later)! Hopefully this one will last longer than the others, but until it disappears it can brighten up Bristol just that little bit more.

An update…

Driving home on Monday I almost crashed the car as I went to do my habitual check that the yarn bomb was still in situ and rather than it be at head height (as it has been since it was put up) it’s been pushed way up high! I’m not sure why, but it certainly made me laugh. I was wondering how long would be acceptable to leave it up for, but that decision is definitely now out of my hands; I can’t reach up there! Looks like it will continue to decorate Redland Road a little while longer then 🙂

In other news, two out of the three monster feet have walked off already 😦 Only the pink and white one remains on the bus stop opposite the White Bear. I’m sure some replacements can be whipped up soon though, especially as it’s International Yarn Bombing Day on Saturday….