A bit of Bury St. Edmunds…

A trip to Suffolk earlier this week took us for a day out in Bury St. Edmunds where we came across this gorgeous yarn bomb outside the Wibbling Wools yarn shop! I’ve seen so few yarn bombs in the real life that this was very exciting. And totally unexpected!

Inside the shop (which was wall to wall of gorgeous yarns – gutted I don’t need any more, my lounge is already snowed under as it is) I had a brief chat with the owner who said this was made by the ladies at their knitting group. They’ve made the clever move of making it removable and it gets taken down at night to ensure it doesn’t get stolen. She also said they’re planning to make some more – I sure hope so!

I absolutely adore all the different colours, textures and stitches in this piece. I’m especially fond of the beads – I’m definitely going to get some involved in my next piece! So yes, not mine but I love it so it’s on the blog!