Snow business

We in Bristol (and most of the UK by all accounts) woke up to a white winter wonderland this morning. Which suddenly reminded me that I never got around to blogging about the results of our woolly winter mischief at the end of 2012! On the evening of December 18th seven members of the paper village ‘knit and natter’ group met in Southville at 10:30 pm clutching carrier bags filled with knitted and crocheted snowflakes. Our plan was to create a snowstorm in one of the little public gardens just off North Street but we had so many snowflakes that we ended up finding a second tree further down the road to adorn as well. It looked amazing when it was done, and even as we were putting it up people were walking past and exclaiming how lovely and festive it was. I even gave one lady a crocheted snowflake for her to take home and hang in the tree in her garden as she was so taken with them! Apparently there are a few still left hanging, so I hope they’re enjoying the real snow landing around them today. As promised, here are a few photos from the night….

And a token image of the actual snow in Bristol today (just because it’s pretty):