Winter Woolly Mischief (in progress…)

One of the lovely local craft shops in Bristol – Paper Village – is well known for its yarn bombing exploits around the city, especially in the Bedminster/Southville area. Just check out their Flickr photostream for examples of some of their past projects!

Anyway,  I’ve recently been asked to help out with creating some winter-themed woolly mischief with them. As such I’ve been busy crocheting away to create lots of snowflakes. It’s great fun and really easy to do – my favourite design (and one that I’ve now committed to memory) is loosely based on a red heart pattern I found online. I like this pattern as the finished product comes out pretty sturdy and looks quite effective. They look even better when covered in a clear layer of glitter glue as well! It’s been a while since I really did any crochet – I’ve taken more to knitting lately and have been busy crafting Christmas presents and such like (blog post on that to follow in due course…)

I can’t give too much away about what we’re planning to do with all the snowflakes at the moment, but it’s not long now until the wool is unleashed! I’m looking forward to it, I’ve not yarn bombed in a while and I’ve never done anything as part of a larger group so it should be fun! Watch this space for updates!

In the meantime, here’s a sneak-preview of what I’ve been making:

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