Ladybird, ladybird….

I’ve been beavering away making ladybirds for a while now. This is the smallest one and I’m planning for the remaining ones to all go on one larger tag. They’re my first knitted creatures (the mice last year were crocheted) and they were actually really easy to do! I used a pattern I found on the Stitch London blog which can be found here and just changed the size of needle I was using to create different sized ladybirds. The time consuming part was sewing on the spots and assembling them! Making the top and bottom parts didn’t take that much time at all. I then just knitted a little band for the bug to sit on – again wool from my stash, this one is actually handspun angora given to me by a lady I met last May when I was just starting my project. It was quite stiff to knit with but I really like the idea of it being so natural, and so local! I had a bit of an accident when I tried to iron it though…angora is easy to burn! Luckily it was on the back side.  I was planning to put it crawling up the geography sign but didn’t actually measure it and was annoyed to find it far too small when I arrived at the department at 7:30 this morning. Still as I was there with a ladybird and scissors in my hand I thought I may as well just stitch it on to another piece of street furniture. I think it looks quite good on this bike rack! And I was pretty amazed to see it still there at 4 o’clock this afternoon! After the Redland green bench piece disappeared within a matter of days I don’t trust anything to stay around for long…

In other news, I had a lovely chat with Hannah from Knit Today magazine last night who are running a feature on me soon. VERY excited! She kindly sent me away with a stash of new yarns for bombing with and a hoard of magazines which have kept me amused all afternoon (and doubled my ‘to do’ list!). Can’t believe I’m going to be in print! So exciting!

One thought on “Ladybird, ladybird….

  1. Oh wow, what a lovely touch. It makes me feel like Summer is here. I am very excited to see the bigger lady bird tag you talk about. Sounds very good. Well done.

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