On your bike…

Finally got around to doing a stripy bike rack, this one is between University Road and Tyndall Avenue. We put this up on Saturday evening, and due to my perfectionist ways, got caught out by the University security guard. It took quite a while to attach and we were drawing a fair amount of attention from passers-by but we were just attaching the label when a man in a fluro jacket with a walkie-talkie came to ask what we were doing. Ever-clever I looked up dumbly and said ‘making it look pretty’ which was promptly followed by a lecture that we were ‘littering’ and liable for a police fine… He then admitted he couldn’t do anything and headed off, so we stitched up and legged it! These pictures were taken the next day, we didn’t fancy hanging around any longer than neccessary on Saturday. But it’s still there and everytime I walk past there’s someone looking at it or touching it. I like it!

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