Tree Hugging

My biggest installation yet! I said right from the outset of this project that I wanted to yarn bomb a tree – and here it is! It must have been around May time when I went down to Castle Park in Bristol to decide which tree would be getting a woolly jumper but I only started making it a few weeks back. With a diameter of 80cm it took about 10 minutes to complete each row – meaning this took me about 25 hours of crocheting to complete! I made it as one long piece, obviously the longer it got the more awkward it was to crochet so I’m quite pleased it’s finished. We went down to Castle Park in the early hours of this morning to install it, but upon locating my chosen tree found that my work was too small. I was pretty gutted, but then my partner-in-knitting pointed out that there were quite a few other trees around so we wondered a bit further and adorned this one instead. I quite like it actually – it overlooks the river and is alongside one of the main footpaths. Putting it up wasn’t too bad – a few people walked by and one group stopped to ask what we were doing, but there was no hassle. There was a pretty intrigued squirrel keeping watch though! Stitching it up took two of us about 15mins and it was quite a tight fit, but looks good and won’t be budging unless it’s cut off (which it hopefully won’t be!)

Stop, look, listen, knit!

This yarn bomb has been made and ready to go for about a month now! It features the work of three different people and uses a combination of knitting and crochet with a few buttons thrown in for good measure! I’m pretty pleased with the way it turned out, it was my first attempt at doing ‘bobbly’ crochet and also features the first piece of knitting my housemate made back in May! This piece uses up all out ‘practice squares’, although a few of them were made to made especially for it to make it wide enough for the pole.

This was my second attempt at putting the work up. From the outset I had designed the piece to be fitted on the pedestrian crossing island at the top of Park Street, opposite Brown’s on the Triangle. This is a really busy point and I often find myself waiting there for ages to cross the road and I thought it would be nice to give the other pedestrians something to look at whilst they were waiting. I went down on my own earlier in the week to do it but chickened out when I arrived at 6:40am only to find loads of people walking to work, driving around, emptying the bins etc. This time I dragged a friend out of bed in order to get there for 6am and put it up unnoticed. It was still busier than we expected, but no-one seemed to care or pay much attention to us. Besides, it was still quite dark when we did it! Went back a few hours later to get these photos and glad to find it still there.

A bit of Bury St. Edmunds…

A trip to Suffolk earlier this week took us for a day out in Bury St. Edmunds where we came across this gorgeous yarn bomb outside the Wibbling Wools yarn shop! I’ve seen so few yarn bombs in the real life that this was very exciting. And totally unexpected!

Inside the shop (which was wall to wall of gorgeous yarns – gutted I don’t need any more, my lounge is already snowed under as it is) I had a brief chat with the owner who said this was made by the ladies at their knitting group. They’ve made the clever move of making it removable and it gets taken down at night to ensure it doesn’t get stolen. She also said they’re planning to make some more – I sure hope so!

I absolutely adore all the different colours, textures and stitches in this piece. I’m especially fond of the beads – I’m definitely going to get some involved in my next piece! So yes, not mine but I love it so it’s on the blog!