We decided to try something a bit different this morning and ended up wrapping this variegated crochet piece around the bench of a bus stop near St. Michael’s hospital in an attempt to brighten it up a bit. Luckily no-one came along to use the bus stop whilst we were attaching it and being able to sit down whilst fiixng it on made us a lot less conspicuous than the usual hunched over on the floor position! This was an unusual yarn bombing session in a way as previously the tags have been made-to-measure. Today though we went out with a few pieces and found things to suit them instead. Turned out to be a great fit! We also put up another monster foot; a) because I absolutely love them, and b) in response to a certain letter in the Bristol Evening Post last Friday (will post a copy of the letter later)! Hopefully this one will last longer than the others, but until it disappears it can brighten up Bristol just that little bit more.

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